Friday, April 6, 2012

my birthday girl.

to my sweet Claire Baby!

Claire turned THREE-YEARS-OLD today!! And clearly, my girl got to celebrate in style! Thanks to Stacey at Bark-O-Lounge for working your magic and taking this picture! [Just ignore the fact that she looks terrified - this happens every time someone attempts to put any kind of clothing on her].

The little miss got to sleep in, spent the day at daycare - or "school" as we like to call it - and then got to go pick up some special homemade treats at See Spot Eat. In addition, she got a ton of birthday cards and presents in the mail from family and friends. She is one very loved dog, and every day I pray that she knows it!


  1. She is adorable!!!! She is one lucky dog having you as her owner!! xo Kisses to Claire (and you of course!)p.s. her present from me is coming when I visit!! ALL WRAPPED!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Claire Baby! ...Even if I am two days late. I love this little lady and I've never even met her...that should tell her exactly how special she is.

    As for her person, L, you're being a stranger! We need to catch up ASAP.

  3. aww, happy birthday, claire!! you don't look a day over 2! ;-)