Thursday, April 26, 2012

the circle of life.

I. Am. Traumatized.

Remember this close call? Well... there was an incident yesterday.

Claire killed a bird. Right in front of my eyes. It was just so... terrible. I was sitting out on the deck reading, so I let Claire come out too so that she could do a little exploring in the backyard.

To be honest, Claire only spotted the little bird because she followed me. I looked up from my book and saw the poor thing was hopping along. It was having trouble flying, so I thought it must have been injured. I went over to try and pick it up with the intention of bringing it to the vet but, right as I stooped down to scoop it up, Claire came barreling out of the bushes and... then she pounced.

The bird was screaming.
I was screaming.
And Claire was batting her paws at it.
My last memory is of the little bird pinned to the ground.
I had to turn away.
And then...

All that was running through my mind at that point was the bible verse about God knowing every sparrow that falls. And how He also knows that Claire killed one.

I'll be having nightmares about this tragic event for awhile. But Claire was quite proud of herself, as you can see...



  1. She is so proud. She was just protecting your car from getting pooped on! What a good girl :-)

  2. omg....I am still freaking out about this after you told me days ago. YUCK!!! but I still love her (and you lol). xo

  3. oh boy! well, at least it's not like she hunted it down and killed it herself. i mean, i know i'm REACHING on that one, but i'm sure claire thinks she did a fabulous job for you.