Tuesday, March 13, 2012

who's who in this crazy game of life?

I went to pick up Claire from daycare at Bark-O-Lounge today, and Miss Stacey told me that she picked up a little something for my girl...

Coincidentally, these are some of Claire's favorite treats [thank you Stacey!!]. Stacey said that she thought of Claire when she saw them because the dog on the front looks exactly like her - down to the collar and everything. And while I do agree that there are a lot of similarities, I think that Claire bears a more striking resemblance to this famous girl:

When I suggested this to my friend Michal, she originally thought that I was crazy [which you might also be thinking right now]. But then when I showed her Claire's picture next to Kim's, she honestly agreed with me [that's right, Michal, I'm calling you out!]

You know, I think it's something about the eyes...


  1. Fun treats, just make sure you check where their made! with all of the treat controversies going on, it's scary.

  2. oh my god, you ARE crazy--but i love it. lol!

    we tagged you! http://www.lifewithdesmond.com/2012/03/weve-been-tagged.html

    (desmond loves the TJ's treats, too--and they're safe! yay!)