Sunday, February 26, 2012

TLC for CBB.

Claire is exhausted right now. I think she might sleep straight through the next few days, actually... It's just that the weather was so beautiful this weekend, that we absolutely had to take advantage of it! We spent a couple hours at the park this afternoon and then we went for a three mile walk around the greenway with my friend Melissa and her [incredibly adorable] little boy.

Because Miss Claire spent so much time on her feet today, she needed some TLC when we got home. So... [and I feel sort of ridiculous admitting this] I gave her a puppy massage. Some people say that she's spoiled, but she's not, she's just very well loved! And who doesn't want a massage, right? I mean, if she had opposable thumbs, I'd train her to reciprocate.

Anyway, Claire loved it. When I stopped to go and make dinner, she followed me into the kitchen, laid down on the floor, and rolled over on her back for more. And yes, I did lead her back to our room and oblige. Now she's sprawled out on my bed, fast asleep.

If you want to be known as a crazy dog lady too try it out on your pup, watch this video first to learn some techniques. I promise that you will have the happiest dog ever. Or the most comatose. Whichever comes first.


  1. Bookmarking that site for later, as Elka is already asleep. Canine Massage looks like a lovely thing! As you say, I wouldn't mind more massages myself, sometimes.

    "Spoiled" is subjective ;)

  2. i love this! i give desmond neck massages that he just loves. he sometimes presents his neck to me for them. i fully intend to incorporate doggie massage into my group training classes when i start my business!

    1. Lauren, please tell me that your business is going to be in Nashville!! Claire will be your best customer!!