Friday, February 17, 2012

the shortest distance between A and B is always a straight line.

I have been home sick since Wednesday. One thing that you need to know about me: I hate being sick. I'd much rather use my sick time for "mental health" days, because then it can be quite enjoyable. But using sick time when you're actually sick is NO FUN AT ALL. I've slept the past 48 hours away, and my head hurt so bad from this sinus infection that I couldn't watch TV or use my laptop. Thankfully my headache has eased up today, which is why you get to read this new blog post - lucky you!

I dragged myself out of bed on Wednesday morning so that I could take Claire to daycare. She's very sweet and snuggly when I'm sick, but that only lasts a couple hours. Then she wants to play. And I needed to sleep. When I dropped her off, she was a little reluctant to leave my side, but once Stacey and I assured her that I was just going to go rest while she had fun with her friends, she was all right. I drove home, climbed back into bed, and slept for the next nine hours.

Claire was very happy to see me when I went to pick her up - she squealed, she jumped, she kissed me... the whole nine yards. [I love it! It never gets old!!] I don't put a leash on her to get her from the front door of the daycare to the car because it's such a short distance and she usually just hops right in the front seat. But on Wednesday night, she smelled something interesting and followed it  through the hedges into the next yard.

I walked down the hill to go around the hedges, and I spotted Claire on the other side of the neighbor's driveway. Now [picture this with me], their yard is on a hill, so on both sides of their driveway, they have walls that are level with the top of their parked cars. I was standing next to one wall, and Claire was across from me near the other. I called for Claire and told her that it was time to go home and eat dinner. She stopped in her tracks and looked at me, then looked down the hill, and then looked at the car that was parked between us in the driveway. [It can never be good when you see a dog stop and think]. And then:

...she started running as fast as she could...
...and she leapt over the wall...
...and landed on top of the car...
...and then took another huge leap to get across to me.

I'm not kidding. I mean, forget agility classes - I think she was telling me that she wants to learn how to parkour.



  1. claire!!! oh my gosh, this is so funny. i so wish you had gotten video or a picture of her on the car. good thing the neighbors didn't see it! hope you're feeling better now!

  2. AMAZING on ALL accounts!!!! CRAZY....glad you are feeling better also. xoxoxo

  3. You say part whippet...I say part kangaroo. I hate that you've been sick. Feel free to call and vent about it, even if you're still stopped up and sound like a kid with a sock up your nose (that's what I always sound like when I'm sick.)