Friday, December 2, 2011

my 409216th embarrassing moment.

Embarrassing moments tend to find me. I think they seek me out. Over the years I've gotten pretty good at learning to roll with it, to follow it up with a sarcastic comment, and to laugh at my own expense. But the other day I just couldn't think fast enough and did the one thing that makes any embarrassing moment that much worse: I turned fifty shades of red.

As some of you know, when I'm not hanging out with Claire, blogging, or on a shoot, I spend my days working with kids. Babies, to be more specific. Sweet and angelic (but very very sick) babies. I love my job, I love my kiddos, and I love helping their families get through tough times. Most of the babies I work with are patients for quite awhile, so naturally I get to know their families pretty well. The other day was one of celebration for one of my patients - she got to go home. I was checking in with the family before they left to make sure they didn't need anything else. I leaned over the crib to say goodbye to this little angel and said... [wait for it]...

"Bye sweet baby dog."

Oh. Good. Heavens. A term of endearment that I use with Claire. A term that I frequently use with Claire. So frequently that it just popped out when I was talking to a BABY. In front of her FAMILY. I'm pretty sure that the family thought I said "baby doll" - which was very much what I intended - but I was mortified. I felt the color rush to my face and so I did what any embarrassed girl would do: I pretended that I didn't look like a beet and I just kept the conversation going as if nothing happened.

I need some new nicknames to take the place of that one. This cannot happen again.


  1. I suppose it could have been worse: you could have offered the baby a treat...

  2. Cracking up! Can't believe you did that. :)

  3. out of control HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's my sweet baby "GIRL"!!!!!!

  4. I have a story to make you feel better. A professor at converse was known for being very stoic and quiet during lectures, so much so that students had trouble staying awake in his class. One day he was talking about an insurrection,and was describing it's magnitude. As his students drifted off, he continued to describe the "massive erection." That's right. He skipped two syllables, and turned beet red. Needless to say, the students stayed awake for the rest of that lecture, and it went down in Converse infamy.

  5. awesome! i find that sage terms slip out at unexpected times too. too funny!

  6. HAHAHA! I can totally hear and see you doing this! Love it.

  7. see, and i don't even think that's so bad. i was expecting way worse.

    i've actually called desmond "babe", which creeped me out, and i've found myself saying some iteration of "good boy" at times when i should not be.

    one of my terms of endearment for desmond is "dog face", so i really hope that one stays inside my house where it belongs.