Thursday, November 3, 2011

claire's christmas list (2011 edition).

It is so cold in my house right now that it is painful for me to type this, as my hands have to peek out of the blanket pile that is on top of me. Oh, and Claire is wrapped up like a burrito in her blankets, too. I'd take a picture, but that would require more of me to get unblankified so that I could get my camera. Not happening, though I love you all dearly.

But... the cold weather has me thinking about Christmas, and now that it's November, Christmas is right around the corner! Crazy, right?! Where does the time even go?! I'm super excited for the holidays this year because it is the first time that Claire is coming home with me! That's right: we're roadtripping a short twenty hours up to Massachusetts - it's going to be quite an adventure!

Because Claire is going to be with me and the rest of my family around the holidays, I have already started preparing for an extra special Christmas. Normally I wait until the day after Thanksgiving to write out Claire's wish list for Santa, but I needed to channel my excitement into something productive. So here you have it - Claire's Christmas List, 2011 Edition:

This toy is awesome - it's battery-operated, and it jumps, shakes, wiggles, and rolls.
AKA: Endless hours of entertainment for Claire!

This baby was on our Christmas list last year, too!
All of Nina Ottosson's dog toys are interactive
and make dogs think while using positive reinforcement.
It's well worth the price!

I did mention earlier in this post that Claire and I are freezing, right?
What a better way to warm us up than with this awesome dog-friendly quilt?!
It's made from organic materials and is easily washable. Lovely!

Claire loves tearing apart soft/squishy toys - except for her Blue Elephant,
who seems to have been spared such a fate and remains her favorite.
But Biters toys are meant to be ripped to shreds.
They tear apart in big pieces for easy clean-up,
and there's even a treat hidden inside for dogs to find!

Claire loves to swim but gets tired pretty easily,
which worries me when she's in deeper water.
I'm hoping Santa brings this so that Claire can stay safe while swimming,
and also so that my anxiety is alleviated while she's doing so!

My girl loves pink!
Let's be honest: it looks great with her black and white fur.
She'd like the "FETCH" ones, please!

  What is on your dog's Christmas list this year?

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