Thursday, August 11, 2011

a new calling?

A few months ago, my friend Denise and I were chatting about movie recommendations. I had just signed up for Netflix, and, knowing how much I love dogs, Denise brilliantly suggested that I watch Hotel for Dogs. She saw it with her [absolutely adorable] children, and they all loved it. That was enough for me: I immediately added it to my cue. It finally arrived at my house earlier this week. Claire and I were watching it last night (really, she loves movies/shows about dogs and barks back at the characters) and Lissa came into my room wondering why she kept hearing "Awww! That is SO CUTE!!" over and over again.

Friends... I think I found a new calling. There are daycare centers for dogs, dog rescues, dog kennels, dog shelters... But has anyone taken this idea and run with it? A hotel for dogs. It's a genius idea! Finding a big building shouldn't be too hard. All I really need is for someone to build the awesome contraptions in the movie:

A station of toilets for dogs that bags the "business",
seals it up, and transports it to a chute leading to a dumpster.

 A feeder that ensures that all dogs
get their exact portions delivered in their bowl on a conveyor belt.

 Robotic sheep for the dogs who like to herd.

Seat warmers for the pampered dog at the on-site spa.

A car ride simulation for those who like to stick their head
out the window to let the wind blow through their fur.

The producers of this movie were seriously onto something...
Now who's with me?


  1. omg this is hysterical!!! you are crazy - (in a great way - lol) xoxo

  2. Well I have two daughters that are on board! My oldest will probably open a boarding service at some point and my youngest is always pampering our 4 babies! Maybe it could be

    The ZocoDine Hotel For Dogs!