Sunday, May 15, 2011

what would you do?!

Stray dogs always find me somehow. And I always want to take them home. The problem? I'm broke. I'm a social worker, for crying out loud. That should explain everything! I wish that I could win the lottery so that I could buy a house with a lot of land (fenced in, of course) so that I could adopt a million dogs. And a million kids, but that's another story.

My friend Rob called me last night to tell me that he found a stray puppy outside his house. She had a rope tied around her neck and had chewed through it to get loose. He did not call to ask me if I could take her, he called to tell me that this sweet girl looks exactly like Claire. I was already fretting about her situation, when Rob did the worst thing that he could have ever done: he sent me a picture.

After I saw the picture, I called him back and begged him not to put up signs for the owners. They tied her up with a rope and left her outside in the rain! Rob said that he would take her to the pound tomorrow. But, oh, the pound! She will sit in a cage and then will be put down if she can't be adopted. And how frightening would that be for a sweet baby like her...

Claire and I are going to see her. In the meantime, I'm going to pray that God brings along a wonderful family who wants to take her home and give her a great life. And preferably, these people would contact me or him before she is brought to the pound...

Good thing that God is bigger than time, right?

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  1. A stray puppy? No way I would just let it out into the hostile world without knowing it's going to be ok.