Wednesday, May 4, 2011

freezy pups.

Our friends Michelle and Toby over at My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much had a Freezy Pups giveaway. It was my first time entering a blog giveaway, and they had quite a few entries, so I wasn't expecting to win but thought it would be fun to participate anyway.

But I was checking out my mentions on Twitter yesterday and... WE WON!! I am so excited!! I'll let you know how Claire likes Freezy Pups and post a little review of sorts! In the meantime, though, you need to check out Michelle and Toby's blog. They've got a lot of fun stuff going on over there, and it's one of my favorite blogs to follow! Enjoy!


  1. My beagle jack russel mix lovesthese and june 22 we are having a giveaway with lots of goodies for pets including freezy pups!