Sunday, April 17, 2011

hello, springtime!

Today was sunny with a high of 75*F, which is absolutely perfect weather - I wish it could be like this every day. I love this time of year so much - it's marked with mild sunburns, a dusting of freckles, a lot of activity, and loads of smiles.

Josh and I met up at the park for awhile, and though Samson was having fun running around this morning, Claire was too hot to do anything. Her black fur attracts the sun and she gets hot so easily! We stayed there at the park for a bit and then decided to ring in the spring by heading down to the river. As soon as we pulled in to the parking lot, Claire knew where we were going, and she was so excited that she practically dragged me (slipping and sliding in the mud) down the riverbank. It was Samson's first time at the river and he loved it - he kept splashing and barking and leaping around! Claire ran as fast as she could from the shallow area of the water, jumped over the rocks, and took a flying leap into the deeper water! She certainly remembered how to swim, and she was absolutely loving it! Josh and I let Claire and Sammy play in the river for an hour or so, and then we took them back to the park for awhile so that they could dry off and get out a little more energy. It's safe to say that the dogs (as well as me and Josh) spent a solid six hours romping around outside today, so I don't blame Claire for putting herself to bed right after her bath. I'm as exhausted as she is, so I am not going to be awake much longer either! Hope you all had a great day, too!

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