Tuesday, March 29, 2011

photo shoot with friends: whitney&norman.

This past week, Claire and I spent some time at the dog park with our friends Whitney and Norman so that we could do a little photo shoot before Norman gets his first haircut! He's a big fluffy Goldendoodle who will be two in August, and he just so happens to be one of Claire's best friends. Here are some of the pictures from our shoot!

And of course I had to get a shot of Claire as well...
The caption might read: "Does anyone see me digging this hole? I'd better hide...!"


  1. love these shots! when (not if) you come visit me, you can take pics of me and lolita! ;) mucho amor para ti :)

  2. i LOVE the picture with caption of Claire, that is SOO funny! Claire is such a comedian!

  3. The photos are so great! I love the one with Claire's head in the hole.

  4. great shots - you are one great photographer! still think you should do something with that talent (on the side!!) lol