Saturday, February 19, 2011

my apologies.

I have been SUCH a slacker. No new post since 2/13? Unacceptable. I am so sorry about that! Though, in my defense, work has been extremely stressful lately, and even eating has gone by the wayside (I'm Italian, so you can imagine that this is a very big deal).

Now it is 11:13pm, and I am posting not only because I love you few but faithful followers, but because I just got home from the BEST concert that I have been to in awhile, and I am still humming along to some pretty sweet songs. What concert, you ask? Ben Rector and Steve Moakler, with a guest appearance by my very favorite: the one and only Matt Wertz. Check them out. All of them. And if you want more amazing music recommendations, let me know. My iTunes library never stops playing, my toes never stop tapping, and... well... you get the idea.

So, yes. Work has been busy. Even my after work has been busy. This week was so crazy that I'd pick up Claire from school, drop her off at home, and then race out the door again, while watching her little face look at me out the window while I drove away to head to another commitment. Isn't that enough to just break your heart? It broke mine! To catch up on quality Claire time, I spent the afternoon at the park with her today, and I am planning on spending the whole day there with her tomorrow. I can't wait, because I miss her! I miss her even though I'm cuddled up with her right now.

I'm revamping my schedule this week. Plans are cancelled after work, for the most part, unless Claire can be involved too. I seriously need some time to just unwind, rest, and be with my sweet girl.

Now, speaking of rest, I am going to go get some. I'll be posting again soon. Promise.

Me and Claire on her "lounge chair" in the kitchen.
(It's big enough for the both of us, so I tend to use it as a couch, too.)



  2. I wanna see Claire with her toy Sydney got her! Did she like it? Did you jammies fit good? :) Miss you!

  3. Heck yes, amazing concert!!! :)

  4. love hearing about the concert and LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you and Claire on her new bed/couch!!