Tuesday, December 7, 2010

weekends go by too fast for our liking!

We had a busy weekend over here in the Butterworth household - filled with fun and friends! I was feeling really run down on Friday night, and Claire was exhausted from spending the day at Bark-O-Lounge, so we snuggled and watched The Food Network - a favorite for us both!

We met up with Kinlin and Dickson at the park on Saturday (And sidenote: guess who else was there? Hint: CELEBRITY SIGHTING!! Answer: Clint Black and his dog Cooper!) and Claire did quite a bit of showing off! She can really run! She is unstoppable when she gets going! Once, when we were at the park, a police officer was there on break and he clocked her at running 30mph. Now, I'm sure there are other dogs who can run faster than that, but there aren't many of them at our park! I get so proud when I overhear someone comment on how fast she is with shock and awe - I mean, come on, that's my girl!

Anyway, later that afternoon, Amy had a birthday party for Kingsley's 1st birthday - complete with cake from See Spot Eat for the pups, and cupcakes from Gigi's for the people! Claire had two pieces of cake and ended up with blue frosting all over her face. She looked adorable. She then sat politely at the feet of the other guests with her tail wagging, hoping that they would see how good she was so that they would reward her with another piece of cake. At my insistence, they managed to resist her good looks and charm...!

Once she was tired, I went off to a holiday ball with a friend on Saturday night and had an amazing time! Lissa tells me that Claire waited up for me until I got home. What a thoughtful baby! But she was so excited to see me and my friend when we got back that she didn't sleep much longer, but bounced around the house between my bed and the couch trying to get each of us to play with her while we tried desperately to grab a couple hours of sleep. I think my friend managed to catch some zzzz's but I most certainly did not!

We went to hang out with Amy and Kingsley for awhile on Sunday night, and when the dogs finished wrestling and chasing each other up and down the stairs, Claire curled up on Kings' bed and he attempted to curl up on me...

...which was short-lived, as he is not exactly a lap dog, and I am not strong enough to support a 140 pound dog, as much as I love him! I managed to squeeze out from under him and grab the other couch before it was claimed by my sweet girl! Once we were all settled, the four of us watched Julie & Julia - and Kingsley kept looking over at Claire from his perch on Amy to check on her. Well, I guess he could have been a little mad about her using his bed, but I prefer to think that it was the former option rather than the latter. So, with that: cutest thing ever. Amy has become such a good friend to me, so I love that Kingsley and Claire feel the same way about each other!

So that's a recap of our weekend. I think Claire is still recouping from all of the activity, though. She put herself to bed early tonight, so this is the scene in front of me as I conclude this blog entry:

Early to bed on a school night!

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